Let’s talk about how the Make up Training 5th Day of the makeup program is going.

Even though our last day is with the concept of Imperfect and Mature faces, it is in the direction of collecting our missing subjects.

First of all, we try to pre-arrange our make-up models and find people of mature age.

There are issues that we need to pay attention to in eye make-up and skin make-up on mature faces. Even many makeup artists are confused about what to do and how to show makeup better. There are things you should avoid while applying eyeshadow on low eyelids, applying eyeliner and foundation.

For example, we avoid mother-of-pearl headlights and excessive illumination around the eyes, such as eyes with lids and wrinkles.
We can think that this group mostly puts make up on the bride’s grandmother and the groom’s grandmother.

Apart from this, for people who have skin problems; This may be excessive redness, stained faces, sensitive skin or skin with scars (burn marks, birthmarks) etc. In other words, we are talking about what we do for aggressive and problematic skin, both for the health of the person’s own skin and for the make-up to look better.

From the first day to the last day.

We are talking about aesthetic grips in make-up, how to make make-up like a massage without disturbing the customer. Especially people who come to get make-up, compare our center with the make-up centers they went to before to see the difference and understand the differences. For example, is it a clean place?

We are particularly sensitive about issues such as the quality , careful and well-kept make-up materials, the cleaning of brushes or make-up sponges, and we show the right thing. Because how it is learned, this is how it really progresses.

Make-up Training at the End of the 5th Day

In general, this is how our week passes in a fun and interactive way with our beautiful guests and models.
We start by saying that technical issues are also important, but practice is more important. Many students come from Turkey and abroad.
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Make up for life.

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